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We design the product to best suit your needs

A commitment to specialisation, in the world of financial services today is unusual, many firms continue to diversify their business focus in order to broaden their client base. At GlobalCare, we do not subscribe to this conventional wisdom. Indeed, in determining our business focus we have chosen to do the opposite. As we see it, this risk component of financial planning carries a most serious responsibility.

We understand the unique needs of each individual and group. We work closely with each of our clients to tailor the most suitable and cost effective risk strategy from a pool of the leading insurers and re-insurers from around the world.

The quality of one's knowledge and expertise can have a significant impact on the welfare of clients and their families. We constantly research the market and review available options.

Expertise is the principal factor that determines the quality of service we can provide and expertise tends to be most concentrated and effective in the hands of the specialist. This is why we focus exclusively on individual and group risk insurance planning.

We know from proven experience that this complex discipline demands specialisation if it is to be practiced in the best interests of the client. What is more, we are firmly convinced that group risk insurance planning is, without question, the most critical element in constructing financial security for individuals, employees and members of any company, corporation, association or union.

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