Global benefit plans for local and expatriate employees

GlobalCare has access to a number of the worlds leading insurance companies, that can underpin the employee benefit plans for staff globally.

Multi-national employers can access a sophisticated pooling technique, providing comprehensive levels of cover globally, by unlocking the power of risk spreading and potential cost savings on a year by year basis.

By combining the employee benefit insurance contracts from each country into a pool, the risk is spread world-wide.

At the end of a year if a positive result isacheieved, the holder of the pool (usually the parent company) is then entitled to a dividend or profit share which reduces the nett global cost.

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Individual Insurance Products

GlobalCare Group can provide personalised needs analysis and insurance advice to help you protect yourself and your family in the event of death, illness or injury.

  • Life
  • TPD
  • Trauma
  • Income Protection
  • Superannuation