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GlobalCare provides the highest levels of personal risk insurance advice and access to all the individual personal risk insurance provided by Australian insurance companies.

Expatriate Professional business people who live and work abroad often encounter difficulties in acquiring the same quality of cover for life insurance, income protection, medical and hospital care to which they have been accustomed in their native countries. Yet because of their locations, their need for these types of cover is frequently all the greater.

To supply this vital cover, in 1995 we developed a range of personal risk insurance plans. The plans encompassed by the GlobalCare range, are available to companies who employ professionals within Australia or expatriate professionals around the world.

GlobalCare can assist expatriate professionals in acquiring personal insurance cover to protect their families future needs, their pre-retirement plans.

Commercial & Airline Pilots represents a niche market in which we played a lead role, by developing and providing company, association and union owned risk insurance plans. This role was hard-won and reflects our long-standing commitment to providing solutions by learning and understanding the varying but particular needs of our clients.

In 1989, in conjunction with one of Australia's leading underwriters in personal risk insurance, we introduced to Australia the first Income Protection policy for airline pilots. Over subsequent years we have been the driving force behind the development of the PilotCare Range of personal risk insurance plans designed to meet the specific needs of commercial and airline pilots around the globe.

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Group insurance not only helps attract new staff/members, but also demonstrates their value to you as their employer. This recognition and reward goes a long way in helping employers retain staff.