Adviser & Accountant services overview
We can extend your service offerings

GlobalCare works with Financial Planners and Accounting Firms in developing and adminstrating Group Insurance plans and employee benefit structures on behalf of their clients.

Due to significantly higher levels of administration and system infrastructure that group insurance requires, it is often hard for advisers to manage and supply the level of services they wish to provide.

Over many years of developing leading best practices, knowledge and adminstrative structures, GlobalCare can assist advisers to build, protect and preserve group insurance books of business.

Adviser Benefits
  • New service offering for clients.
  • Highest services levels and reporting for both Adviser and Client.
  • Access to local and international group pools.
  • Tailored group programs for each client.
  • Competitive pricing and remuneration.
  • Industry leading administration systems.
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    Group Insurance Products

    Group insurance not only helps attract new staff/members, but also demonstrates their value to their employer. This recognition and reward goes a long way in helping employers retain staff.