Our Mission

It is our mission to be Australia’s best and most respected market provider of group and personal risk insurance services.

We will accomplish this by:

  • - Earning the trust and loyalty of our clients.
  • - Building a reputation in the market place for credibility, expertise, professionalism and exemplary service.
  • - Adhering to a policy of transparency with our clients, business associates and suppliers.

Our Team

The GlobalCare team has over 75 years of combined experience in providing and arranging Financial Services to their clients. Meet our team

  • W. G. (Bill) Noall
    Managing Director
  • Jonathan Sherlock
  • Matthew Sherlock

About GlobalCare
Our clients are our partners

At GlobalCare, we place a high value on business etiquette and good manners. We do not, however, consider them to be the only measures of service.

In our business, service means meeting commitments. It means being responsive - listening to clients' wishes, taking the time to answer questions and to explain how various group risk insurance products can work for an employer and it's employees.

It means putting into place quickly, all the things that need to be done on the client's behalf, and making sure they are done properly. Above all, it means fulfilling all of these requirements consistently.

To ensure such capabilities, we have built a team of dedicated professionals, each with specific responsibilities to enhance service to our clients.

It is our intent, expressed as a key corporate strategy, to maintain a level of service that exceeds our clients' expectations and consistently results in each individual group member having immediate access to an un-paralleled level of individual service from GlobalCare.

About Madison

Any advice provided by GlobalCare is in our capacity as an authorised representative of Madison. Madison is responsible for the actions of any advice provided by GlobalCare while we are acting on behalf of Madison.

You can identify when we are acting on behalf of Madison because the advice will be provided on letterhead clearly identifying Madison. Madison is not affiliated with nor does it endorse any of the other business activities conducted by GlobalCare or it's shareholders.

Your decision to deal with GlobalCare or it's shareholders in any other business capacities is made independent of GlobalCare and it's shareholders involvement with Madison and we advise that Madison is not responsible or liable in whole or in part of any actions and advice from other business activities.

To view our Financial Service Guide ("FSG"), please follow the link below.