Protecting Businesses and Business Partnerships

Buy/Sell or Share Purchase Agreements help to protect owners shareholders and their estates in the event of death, terminal illess or serious disability.

In the event of anything ever happening to a business partner/owner, the surviving business partner may well receive a call to let them know that the surviving spouse and/or dependants are now their new business partner.

Supported by a legal Buy/Sell agreement we provide solutions which protect surviving business partners and spouses/dependants.

Key-Person Insurance Where the tangible assets of a business are usually protected, the reality is that the key assets of a business, are the business partners themselves and their key employees.

The loss of a key person may result in a loss of revenue or a loss of capital value. Ask us how to protect your business value today.

Ask us how to protect your business today.

Group Insurance Products

Group insurance not only helps attract new staff/members, but also demonstrates their value to you as their employer. This recognition and reward goes a long way in helping employers retain staff.