Airline Pilots
Protecting The Lives and Incomes of Airline Pilots

Commercial Airline Pilots represents a niche market in which we have established a lead by providing individual, company, association and union owned risk insurance plans.

This role was hard-won and reflects our long-standing commitment to providing solutions by learning and understanding the varying but particular needs of our clients.

In 1989, in conjunction with one of Australia's leading underwriters in personal risk insurance, we introduced to Australia the first Income Protection policy for airline pilots. Over subsequent years we have been the driving force behind the development of PilotCare, a range of personal and group risk insurance plans designed to meet the specific needs of airline pilots around the globe.

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Individual Insurance Products

GlobalCare Group can provide personalised needs analysis and insurance advice to help you protect yourself and your family in the event of death, illness or injury.

  • Life
  • TPD
  • Trauma
  • Income Protection
  • Superannuation